the question asked on Google. Where do limos pickup at LGA

The question that is entered in Search Query is “where do limos pickup at lga”? The results don’t seem to answer the question so we will try to answer this question as best as possible.

To answer this question best, we must ask which airline? There are different pickup locations for different terminals. There are 3 terminals at LaGuardia Airport. Terminal A, B and terminal C.

Limos pickup at LGA Terminal A:  Terminal A is the Marine Air terminal. Right outside the building there is a taxi stand, and across the street there is a parking lot where shuttles and limos are used for their pickups. However, Stretch Limos will be permitted to be picked up by taxis, and in the shuttle lane due to their length.


Limos pickup at LGA Terminal B: Terminal B is the main terminal. Terminal B has taxis right outside of baggage claim carousel. The Stretch Limos will be picked up at LGA terminal B right out in front by taxis between pickup area 1 through 4. All sedan and SUVs including ride share services must be pickup inside the garage. When a traveler walks towards carousel # 1, there are doors which lead to the garage. This garage is level 2, and has been designated with lanes (M,N,K) and this is where the sedan, SUV, and ride shares will pick up. Again, remember that LIMOs that are stretched will not go into garages due to height and length limitations.


Limos pickup at LGA Terminal C: Terminal C is Delta terminal. This is an entirely new building, and the pickup instructions are simple. After landing, head down to level 1 which is baggage claim / ground transportation. The doors are marked as pickup areas both on inside and outside. There are marked pick up areas, area 9A-9B, 10A-10B, 11A-B, 12A-12B, and pick up area 123. After getting your gear from baggage claim, walk to the door and walk to the pickup area where your car service or limo service is waiting. However sometimes this terminal can be so congested, our company has used many newer methods for pickup instructions to get you the traveler into the car as quickly as possible.

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Now that we have answered the question “WHERE DO LIMOS Pickup at LGA?” you shall have no reason for being lost at LGA Airport.

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where do limos pickup at lga